Service Star Brands, a leading home service company in Dallas, TX, is proud to announce the acquisition of Aire Texas, an HVAC service company based in the Metroplex area of Texas. Founded in 2010, Aire Texas has become a favorite among homeowners, with over 500 five-star reviews. The company has a strong focus on employee development and customer satisfaction.

At Service Star, we pursue growth in two ways; organic growth within all our brands and through acquiring other HVAC companies in North Texas. We want to buy companies where a big win for the business owner is a big win for our team, and Aire Texas fits that mold perfectly.

According to Chad Faith, Co-Founder of Aire Texas, the decision to join Service Star felt like a great fit from the very first conversation. “The team at Service Star treated Aire Texas as a partner from the start, and the merger will allow Aire Texas to take a leading role in the development of Service Star as a market leader in North Texas,” said Faith.

Executive Chairman of Service Star, Niklas James, had been researching Aire Texas for a while and was thrilled when Faith first responded to his initial outreach. “It only got better when I met Chad and Amanda, and all of us have been extremely impressed with them both as leaders and human beings. Aire Texas checks all our boxes as an ideal add-on acquisition, and it’s been completely seamless and really fun to work with Chad and Amanda throughout this process,” said James.

“Due to the supply chain issues, it’s been hard to obtain equipment over the last couple of years, but Service Star has the scale to obtain fairly priced equipment on demand. They also provide in-house support in marketing, accounting, HR, and so much more. All of this will supercharge our growth, provide opportunities for our highly valued team members, and enhance customer satisfaction as we continue to pursue our goal of delivering “the perfect service call” every time,” said Amanda Faith, Co-Owner of Aire Texas.

Chad, Amanda, and the Aire Texas team will relocate to the Service Star headquarters in Plano, and they will become key members of our management team. They are highly meticulous about their operations, and nothing goes untracked. Aire Texas is deliberate about who they hire and how they train their team members. They have world-class data management, and an insatiable hunger to always improve.

“We have two goals when we structure deals. The first goal is to present a highly competitive offer and design a win-win solution for us and the business owner. The second goal is to make sure the offer is in line with our previous acquisitions, so that none of our partners feels unfairly treated. Our reputation hinges on doing business the right way,” said James.

Service Star has ambitious goals for both organic growth and acquisitions, and with Chad and Amanda onboard we are more confident than ever. Aire Texas has built a fantastic foundation for a business that can and will scale, and the recent growth is no coincidence. We will throw the full weight of the Service Star machinery behind Aire Texas to further bolster and expedite this growth. Together we will reach new heights and become a regional powerhouse.